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Kiss line art by Elisto Kiss line art by Elisto
Colored: [link]

Finally got it.

SatAM continuity-based. I suppose in my mind this is actually quite a bit into the future.

Yes, this can be colored, just give credit, link back here, and send me a link so I can put a thumbnail here. I'll color it myself eventually too.

characters c Sega, DiC
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Golden-Anchor Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013   General Artist
i would love to color it^^
Elisto Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure, go ahead! I'd love to see it when you're done.
Sonic-fan17 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
AprilONeil1984 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Gojira007 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
WOW this is nice. Like...this is just so nice.

As always, you draw a magnificent Sonic and Sally; I'll admit, they don't look too much older than usual, but it's awfully hard to care when that kiss comes out so perfectly. You seriously draw just the BEST SonSal kisses, I really love it. Their gentle embrace is also fantastic; I especially love the differing ways you pose their fingers, unique unto each character and perfectly fitting.

Even better, the new costumes are fantastic. All the details you fit in without it feeling at all over-busy or overworked, especially the textures on Sonic and Sally's crowns. I'm also loving the Acorn Crest belt-buckle Sonic has, and I think this may be my favorite look for a "Queen Sally" I've EVER seen: elegant, but powerful. A little bit taken from King Max, but with a lovely cape and trim to keep it distinct (I also adore how you can see the shape of Sal's tail poking out from beneath the cape <3).

It's just a brilliantly put-together snapshot of what these two might look like in the Future, simple but VERY striking. I love it. :D

Elisto Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much ^_^; I'm flattered you say I draw the best the SonSal kisses, but I can only think of one other I've drawn! Honestly, I tend to feel a little weird about it, I don't know why. But I really wanted to get this right, and you seem to have pointed out all the parts I focused most on, so I guess that was successful! I agree they don't look much older though; I have a hard time with that (actually most pictures of an older Sonic never look older to me though either).

For the details:
Sally's jacket-style's similarity to King Max was actually based on something I seem to remember you writing somewhere, but combined with my earlier idea this replaced. So I'm glad you noticed!

Sonic's jacket just kind of came together, and the crest was added last minute. I like the idea of the Mobius Strip as symbol of their country, but maybe only worn by the monarchy and official representatives? I keep going back and forth on whether I want it to be specifically the Acorn crest or not, although I'm leaning toward yes. Or maybe do something with variations of it, like the plain strip is the Acorn Crest and altered versions of it has other official government meaning.
Gojira007 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
You're very welcome. :hug: And drawing SonSal kisses-Sonic kisses period, in fact-is hard; those muzzles are always tricky to get to cooperate. XD; Still, even if you've only done it twice, I just always love the way you handle it; you get the muzzles under control and still hold on to this wonderful, gentle feeling that I just adore. ^_^
Likewise, aging up Sonic characters is a tricky business. The usual signifiers of age-hair, height, muscle build, etc.-don't easily apply to Sonic-style designs, and so it becomes tricky to age the characters up believably without losing their identities (how does one do an elderly Sonic without it just being Uncle Chuck, for example?).

Something I wrote? Well I must admit, I'm quite flattered, and happy to know I provided some inspiration here. <3

And for all that planning and putting together's important, it's always so satisfying when a good piece of your art just falls into place like that. ^_^ Definitely glad to hear you're putting so much thought into things like the Crest even so, though. For my money, I think it works best as-is for the Acorn Family Crest; the idea to use alternate versions for other official meanings is also a good one worth exploring. :)
Elisto Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I'm so glad you feel that way ^_^

And yeah, NOTHING usual applies to Sonic-styles designs; aging, hugging/kissing, certain movements, they all take so much more effort to draw than humans, at least for me.

As for what you wrote...I can't seem to find it XD I know I may have just been misremembering where I read something about Sally wearing a jacket like that, but I looked at a few of the picture's you've draw where I thought you might have mentioned something and those weren't it. Well, I attribute it to you anyway haha.
Gojira007 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I'm glad you're glad. <3

Which is funny, because you'd think their simplified aesthetic would make things EASIER. But instead, it just asks the artist to completely relearn how they do pretty much everything; one imagines that's why artists more used to traditional humans, like Ron Lim, had such a bad time of it in the Archie Comics.

It could be something I said on one of the forums, to be fair; it definitely sounds like something I'd say, and I honestly do seem to recall saying SOMETHING like that at some point. XD; In any case, I remain humbled at the idea that I helped to inspire you, so :hug:. ^_^
Elisto Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ron Lim's art always amazed me. His Sonic characters were just so...bad, it's confusing to realize he's actually a really great artist. But yeah, as you said, it's pretty much relearning everything, unless cartoons are already what you do. I've always considered Art Mawhiney to be one of the best pencilers for the comics, so I guess it's not surprising he also worked on SatAM.

As for what you may have said, I'm thinking now that I got it from Blood Pact.
Gojira007 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Yeah, the shock of seeing what his usual work looks like was pretty big for me too. XD; Definitely agreed Mawhinney's kind of a master at it, though. :)

That'd make sense, honestly. X3 ^w^
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