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Elisto Dragonwings
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All of my line art in the folder "lineart" is now available to be colored. However, if you color it, you must:
-Give credit (to me and anyone else it's appropriate to give credit to.)
-Link back to the line art
-Let me know

I'll feature a thumbnail of your version below the lineart (unless you ask me not to)

Sonic sites to go check out:
Saturday Morning Sonic: because we're awesome /biased
FUS Sea3on comic: because they're awesome /biased
Because this is my first time doing commissions, I am offering only some limited options of single characters only until (if) I get the hang of this. I have 5 slots available to start; more if this goes well. I'll update here as necessary.

All of my art is done traditionally (pencil, ink, colored pencil), so if you provide your address, I will mail you the original. Shipping to outside the US may cost extra (I can give you a quote for your location). Size will be approximately 6x9".

Payment through PayPal.

I'm fairly open to what I'll draw, however, I will not draw:
-Sally's current comic redesign
-Hate-art and character bashing
-explicit/graphic porn and/or violence

Some kink/fetish art or violence is case-by-case, and only for the Sonic-style art (nothing personal, just some things I don't feel comfortable drawing myself). However, if this is something you want, please do keep in mind that I may not be the best person to ask since it's not something I normally do.

My Little Pony G1 style art:

Single pony, colored pencil, with simple background: $15
Commission - G1 Luna by ElistoCommission - G1 Windy by Elisto

Sonic style art:

Single character with basic inking (simple lines) and no color: $10
winter gear uncolored by Elisto

Single character, detailed inking, no color: $20
Yoko-Su by Elisto

Single character, basic inking with flat color, no background (or simple color): $15Jordan's Team by Elisto

Single character, inked, colored and shaded, no background (or simple color): $30
  Kiss by Elisto

Custom Painted Boxes:

$30 and up, depending on complexity. Some completed ones are also for sale (see link below)


Rainbow Dash Loyalty box by ElistoMy Little Pony box- gift by Elisto

For Sale:
Swallowtail Box - For Sale by ElistoFor Sale: Fushimi Inari Kitsune box by Elisto

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DigimonRescueGurl Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
You draw the satam version PERFECTLY! How do you do it! It`s amazing!
Elisto Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015   Traditional Artist
^_^;;  I don't know about perfect, but thanks. I guess it was just a lot of practice and using a lot of references from both the show and Art Mawhiney's pencils for the comics (he did SatAM's storyboards as well as the early comics, so there are similarities between his style and SatAM). I always had a preference for his art, so he influenced my Sonic style a lot since I was little.
kaikaku Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm late! Happy Birthday! <3
Elisto Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015   Traditional Artist
haha, thanks!
TrueMefista Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday^^
Elisto Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015   Traditional Artist
Thanks! ^_^
Louis-the-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
I'd donate but I'm short, for now.
Elisto Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015   Traditional Artist
OK? I'm not sure what you're referring to, but if you mean because it's my birthday, that's fine...I appreciate the thought and wasn't really expecting or wanting anything...  If you mean something else, sorry for not getting it.
DanDrazen Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015   Writer
:peace: :love: and :cake: on your birthday.
Elisto Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015   Traditional Artist
Haha, thank you!
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